Icon Dump 7

And I'm back with another batch of icons! Numbers 11, 38, 39, 40, 44, 48, 49, 52, 53, 62, and 65 were entered in naruto_awards; numbers 49, 62, and 65 received Best Cropping, ANBU, and Best Color respectively. Numbers 37, 41, 42, 47, 51, 61, and 69 were entered in shinobi_stills; number 42 received third place. :D If there is an asterisk next to any given icon count, it simply means that there are variations on one of the pictures.

Icon Dump Total: 92

Tsunade: 12*
Matsuri: 8
Gaara/Matsuri: 2
Jiraiya: 8*
Haku: 11*
Zabuza: 2
Shodai Hokage: 1
Shizune: 1
Sai: 1
Sakura: 2
Minato: 1
Naruto: 2
Orochimaru: 1
Karin: 4*
Crack: 4*
Haku/Zabuza: 2
Haku and Naruto: 2
Karin and Sakura: 1
Group: 4

Death Note
Naomi Misora: 23


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Witchy Toph

Icon Dump 6, Part 2: 103-156

Lol, turns out the post was too big, so here's part 2! Icons 103-156 found on this post. Again, asterisks next to the icon number for a specific label on the list means it's got variations.

More info and other icons on part 1

More teasers!

Character Icon Contents
Deidara: 1
Sasori: 3
Zetsu: 1
Kisame: 15
Konan: 4*
Kyuubi: 1
Haku/Zabuza: 4
Tsunade/Jiraiya: 2*
Group: 15
Crack: 3
Other: 5

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Witchy Toph

Icon Dump 6, Part 1: 1-102

At long last I finally got around to gathering up all the icons I've made since my last dump. Through a combination of making some for rp buddies, icontests, requests, and other various reasons, I've got a lot to share with you guys this time around in my biggest icon dump yet. As a result, only the icon posts have the complete list of characters represented. Also, due to the sheer size and character variation in this post, any icon featuring two people (that isn't meant to be a pairing icon) is labeled under the "Group" category. Names with asterisks next to them represent those with icon variations.

EDIT: Another thing I found out... LJ wouldn't let me post them all together so now all 156 icons are spread out over two posts. This post and the second link back to each other in the hopes that it'll make it just a bit easier to move between. x_x

Icon #'s 2, 4, 33, 36, 96, 97, 107, 130, 131, and 146 were submissions to naruto_awards, none placed; icon #'s 21, 64, 99, 123, 129, and 143 were submissions to shinobi_stills, #143- Mod's choice for week 3. :D

Part two found here!


Icon Dump Total: 102 on part 1, 54 on part 2


Naruto: 4
Sasuke: 13
Sakura: 2
Sai: 1
Kakashi: 2
Yamato: 1
Shizune: 2
Tsunade: 16
Jiraiya: 5
Kiba: 2
Hinata: 5
Neji: 10
Minato: 1
Gaara: 1
Temari: 3
Kankuro: 10
Chiyo: 1
Kabuto: 2
Orochimaru: 8
Karin: 5
Haku: 4
Zabuza: 1
Deidara: 3

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Walking down the road of life

Icon Dump 5

Finally finished off the last of this batch of icons. Along with some old submissions from naruto_awards (Numbers 34, 35, 58, and 51; none placed. *shrugs*), there's some crack as inspired by the wonderful Shippuden commentary/summaries by shigeruhiko. (And yes, I was able to make some crack off that boring as hell episode. :D) There's also some Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 1st GIG icons in here too. Also, some of the icons are doubled due to added text for crack purposes.


Icon Dump Total: 60

Ghost in the Shell

Motoko Kusanagi: 5

Naruto: 3
Sakura: 4
Yamato: 2
Sai: 3
Kabuto: 7
Sasuke (from the Shippu! Konoha-Gakuen Den): 1
Sai and Kabuto: 1
Tsunade and Shizune: 1
Yamato and Kabuto: 1
Sakura and Yamato: 1
Naruto and Sakura: 2
Zabuza: 1
Haku: 5
Zabuza and Haku: 2
Group: 2
Other: 5
Text/Crack: 14

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Walking down the road of life

Mood Theme

It took about a week, but I finally finished. I am proud to present my first mood theme, featuring one of my favorite ninjas, Haku! (I've got some icons coming, maybe over spring break which starts next Friday.)

Click the pic for the download link. (Where the mood theme is in a zip file.) If you want to check out what you're downloading beforehand, I uploaded it to one of my Haku rp journals here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: IF THE DOWNLOAD LINK EXPIRES, LEAVE A COMMENT AND I'LL REPLY WITH A NEW ONE. I TRACK MY POSTS FOR COMMENTS SO I WILL KNOW IF YOU DO. I know at some point this link will expire because I have no paid accounts anywhere as I am a poor college student. ): After 21 days of inactivity, Megadownload will delete the file from its server and the link will be null and void. From there, I'll use sendspace, where the link becomes useless after one week of inactivity.

Important Note 2: Upload the pics to image hosting sites like imageshack, photobucket (my weapon of choice), or whatever else you use.


Other notes and stuff
~Comments are wonderful, especially if you're taking it.
~Please, for the love of all that is held dear to you, credit later_days or tophiecons on your profile page if you use this.
~I don't think hotlinking is an issue here....
~Leave a comment if the link is dead and you want it.
~Concrit is love. ♥ (If I don't if I screwed something up, how else am I going to get better?)
That's better...

Icon Dump 4

Finally finished with everything for this one. Just ended up waiting on the new episode of Shippuden and the two icons I put in for the icontest at naruto_awards (#24 and #67, neither won though). On another note, there's some that look like repeats but it's just different text (along with the blank). Probably should've mentioned that on a few of my other dump posts too.... >_>

Icon Dump Total: 96
Jiraiya: 2
Tsunade: 15
Orochimaru: 4
Kabuto: 7
Sai: 9
Sasuke: 5
KabuSai Crack: 3
OrochiKabu Crack: 3
Tsunade and Orochimaru: 2
Kakashi: 3
Neji and Lee: 2
Haku: 8
HakuZabu: 4
Deidara: 3
Kisame: 1
Gai: 1
Gaara: 2
Temari: 1
Kankuro: 2
Temari and Kankuro: 1
Naruto: 4
Group: 5
Other: 8


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Witchy Toph

Icon Dump 3

I come once again to give you a massive pile of icons. Chances are, I won't have another dump for a while (unless someone else asks me to make them some icons). Most of these are from the Land of Waves arc, but there are some others thrown in too.

Total Number of Icons: 134
Temari (some Shippuden): 27
Kabuto and Sai: 2
KabuSai Crack: 4
Tsunade: 4
Dan and Nawaki: 2
Haku/Zabuza: 14
Haku/Zabuza Crack: 5
Haku: 49
Zabuza: 8
Group: 5
Haku and Naruto: 5
Naruto: 1
Sasuke: 1
Sakura: 1
Kakashi: 1
Naruto and Sasuke: 1
Haku and Sasuke: 1
Naruto (Shippuden): 2
Naruto and Kakashi (Shippuden): 1

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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Witchy Toph

Icon Dump 2 and Friends Only Banners

Behind the cut lies a whole ton of Naruto icons plus two friends only banners.

The Breakdown

Icons Total: 49
Tsunade: 8
Tenten: 1
Team Seven: 1
Shizune: 4
Shikamaru: 1
Sasuke and Naruto: 1
Sasuke: 1
Sakura: 2
Sai: 6
Naruto: 8
Naruto and Sakura: 1
Lee: 1
Gai and Kakashi: 4
Kakashi: 2
Hinata: 3
Deidara: 2
Deidara and Tobi: 1
Yamato and Kakashi: 1

Crackish Friends Only Banners

Gai and Kakashi: 1
Deidara and Tobi: 1

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