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Icon Dump 13- Special Request!

On behalf of ranfromrain, who is hopefully in the process of writing up that app, I present a whole freakin' lot of Hideo Kuze icons. And for once, the icons fit all on one post. :'D

SPOILERS if you have not watched all of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: 2nd GIG.

Total: 72
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: 2nd GIG:
Hideo Kuze: 52
Dog Tags: 1
Hub Cyberbrain: 1
Ghost line: 1
Soldier!Kuze: 6
Child!Kuze: 11


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Icon Dump 12b

Second post with the last of the icons that have accumulated since my last post. The Gundam 00 section has a lot of Johann Trinity icons because there aren't many in existence. Down closer to the bottom, your eyes do not deceive you. I did indeed icon the adorable and addictive flash game, Sushi Cat. Again, there are some variations, which boosted the icon counts in a few places. Post A can be found here

Spoilers apply only if you haven't seen all of Gundam 00 s2.

Post B Total: 156
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex:
Batou: 1
Motoko: 12 (including her handgun)
Motoko and the kid: 1
Tachikoma: 2
Togusa: 3

Gundam 00: 109
Alle: 1
Alle and Somarie: 4
Andrei: 1
Chris: 1
Family: 1
Feldt: 3
Innovades: 1
Johann and Michael: 2
Johann: 57
Michael: 1
Lyle: 5
Marlene and Ruido: 1
Neil: 8
Nena: 3
Patrick: 1
Saji and Louise: 4
Sergei: 4
Setsuna: 4
Sumeragi: 1
Sumeragi and Chris: 1
Tieria: 5

Pokemon Special: 13
Crystal: 1
Crystal and Suicune: 2
Janine: 2
Janine and Suicune: 2
Suicune: 6

Sushi Cat: 8 (no I'm not kidding)
Sushi Cat: 8

Time Warp Trio: 7
Joe: 6
Joe and Sam: 1


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Weeping Angels are not impressed

Icon Dump 12a

It sure has been a while, and my icon count for this two-part dump is proof enough. This section contains icons from the Doctor Who series (most pics taken from the Tenth Doctor's time, only a few of the Weeping Angel icons are from Eleven's series, and even then, they're not spoilery. Yes, you heard right, there are Weeping Angel icons. Lots of them, because I couldn't resist. Another side of my character bias this round features Sally Sparrow, and in the OSR section, Prince Aikka. Variations also helped boost some of the icon counts and are scattered about both posts. Post B can be found here. That said, carry on~

Post A Total: 167 icons
Doctor Who:
Weeping Angels: 34
The Doctor (Tenth): 9
The Doctor and Donna: 3
Donna: 9
Sally Sparrow: 41
Sally and Larry: 4
Villains: 1
Wilf: 1

Oban Star-Racers: 59
Prince Aikka: 41
Aikka and Canaan: 1
Molly/Eva: 5
Molly and Aikka: 1
Molly and Rick: 1
The Trio: 1
Jordan: 2
Jordan and Aikka: 1
Ondai: 2
Rick: 2
Rick and Don: 1
Toros (Crog Trident): 1


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Crack is my anti-drug

Icon Dump 11b

Part two is all Gundam 00 because I had too much fun applying textures. So no, you are not imagining that you're seeing a lot of the same base underneath everything. :'D Total icon count comes to 135 so have fun digging through the pile. Some of the icons I colored from the mini-manga "I'm Home" and a couple others came from the 00F manga.

Part one, containing 96 multifandom icons, can be found here.

HEY! LISTEN! You should also know that there are some icons here from the end of s2, so if you haven't finished yet and don't want to be spoiled... you might want to finish and then come back.

Icon List
00 Raiser: 1
Ali: 1
Alle & Marie: 1
Anew: 1
Arios: 1
Billy: 1
Chall: 3
Cherudim: 1
Exia: 3
Feldt: 10
Feldt & Chris: 2
Gundams: 1
Ian: 5
Ian & Moreno: 1
Louise: 3
Lyle: 5
Lyle & Anew: 1 (their jackets)
Marlene: 2
Meister 874: 3
Meisters: 5
Moreno: 2
Neil: 22
Regene: 5
Revive: 1
Ribbons: 2
Ruido: 15
Seravee: 1
Setsuna: 3
Somarie: 1
Sumeragi: 1
Tieria: 30
Wang: 1


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So little time so much to read

Icon Dump 11a

So I forgot to include some icons last time and then I accumulated a lot more since then. So I'm making two separate posts again. 96 multifandom icons and 2 banners (1 textless) in this post total, and because I was messing around with my textures, there's going to be some repeats (but way more on the other post). If you want text on the banners, feel free to ask me to do it, or you can do it yourself as long as you don't claim full credit for making it.

The second post, which contains 135 Gundam 00 icons, can be found here.

Cowboy Bebop
Spike: 1

Deadman Wonderland
Senji/Crow: 2
Nagi/Owl: 4

Doctor Who (new series)
Tenth Doctor: 31

Finding Nemo
Bruce: 1
Dory: 3
Dory & Marlin: 1
Dory & Nemo: 1
Gil: 1
Marlin: 1
Peach: 1
School of Fish: 1
Tank Gang: 2

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Batou: 2
Kuze: 6
Motoko: 28
Motoko & Batou: 1
Section Nine: 1
Tachikomas: 3
Togusa: 1

Oban Star-Racers
Aikka: 1
Eva: 1

Banners (GitS: SAC)
Tachikomas: 2


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At peace with the world

Icon Dump 10

Seven months is a long time to go without posting, and my only excuse is a mix of being busy and lazy, but I still have a lot of icons to share. Character bias runs rampant due to filling up icon slots in rp journal. :X A quick note on the Ghost in the Shell section: through watching Solid State Society, I ended up dubbing the younger body that shows up in the first season of SAC and then again in Solid State Society "Conan", just so no one starts wtfing. There are a few variations on some of the icons, and if I accidentally reposted some, it was either on accident or because I tweaked it since January.

Icon Dump Total: 200 +3 banners

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Chroma [net avatar]: 21
Net: 4
Motoko and Aramaki: 1
Motoko: 45
Conan: 9
Chroma: 14

Gundam 00
Ali: 5
Allelujah: 2
Bring: 8
Chris: 3
Exia and Garazzo: 1
Feldt: 23
Feldt and Chris: 2
Hallelujah: 1
Haro: 8
Lasse: 2
Letter: 1
Lichty: 3
Louise: 1
Lyle: 7
Marlene: 15
Mileina: 1
Neil: 5
Neil and Tieria: 1
Nena: 1
Patrick: 2
Regene: 4
Setsuna: 2
Shirin: 1
Tieria: 3

Karin: 4 (all manga)

Motoko Kusanagi: 2 (1 textless)
Neil Dylandy: 1 (textless) w/ more linked


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A never-ending cycle

Icon Dump 9c

Final installment of icons! Woohoo! Again, reiterating all icons are from s2 episode 12, and back. For the first time, I also have fanart icons and depending on what I hear back, I may or may not do them again in the future.

Part a and Part b

Icon Dump 9c Total: 71

Gundam 00 Total B: 45

Ribbons- 3
Setsuna- 8
Shirin- 2
Sumeragi- 4
Tieria- 13
Tieria and Regene- 4
Wang Liu Mei- 1

Fanart Total: 36
Genderswap!Lockon- 13
Genderswap!Setsuna- 23


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Haro tower of cute

Icon Dump 9b

Part 1 of the Gundam 00 Icon Dump, Part b of the group altogether because I am a lazy procrastinator. There's a mix of S1 and S2, but no spoiler icons unless you haven't seen anything up to episode 12. Same goes for the other part.

Part a and Part c

Icon Dump B Total: 112 (Single Fandom)

Gundam 00

Text-Only Quotes- 17
Allelujah- 7
Allelujah and Sumeragi- 2
Andrei- 1
Andrei and Louise- 1
Billy- 2
Bushido Bob- 1
Celestial Being symbol- 1
Christina- 1
Dynames- 2
Feldt- 30
Feldt and Chris- 2
Feldt and Lyle- 2
Group- 3
Ian- 2
Kati- 4
Louise- 2
Lyle- 5
Marina- 2
Mileina- 1
Neil- 13
Patrick- 5
Regene- 6


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It's the beginning of the end

Icon Dump 9a

Why yes, I did manage to pull all my icons together. With 233 total, I've split it into two three groups. There are 50 multifandom icons in this post and the remainder are all from Gundam 00. All of these icons have been collected up since my last batch from October, hence the massive amount.

Part b and Part c

Icon Dump A Total: 50

Oban Star-Racers: 36

Aikka- 22
Aikka and G'dar- 6
Drudgers- 2
Eva- 1
Furter- 1
G'dar- 2
Jordan- 1
Koji- 1

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: 3
Motoko- 3

Boogiepop Phantom
Boogiepop- 4
Manaka- 6
Manaka and Poom Poom- 1


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Bursting with energy

Icon Dump 8

I had a bit of time on my hands and collected up the icons I've had piled up since my last post (which was way back in June! DX). In this post I have accomplished two firsts for this place. First off, there's five fandoms represented, compared to the one or two I normally put up. Secondly, I figured out how and have started using textures, which I never did in the past. XD;;;

Moving on, I will warn you now, that the Gundam 00 section does contain icons from season 2, so be careful if you haven't seen the first episode yet! Also, there are a few icons in the Gundam and Naruto sections with variations.

Icon Dump Total: 87

Avatar: 5

Toph: 1
Badgermole: 2
Group: 2

Death Note: 7
Naomi Misora: 7

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: 8
Motoko: 3
Batou: 1
Togusa: 1
Tachikoma: 1
Group: 2

Gundam 00: 20
Feldt: 7
Allelujah: 3
Lockon: 1
Lyle: 2
Group: 7

Naruto: 47
Naruto: 3
Sakura: 3
Sasuke: 2
Juugo: 1
Kabuto: 2
Orochimaru: 1
Tsunade: 3
Jiraiya: 2
Fukasaku: 1
Haku: 2
Zabuza: 1
Group: 25
Crack: 1


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